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B4b is the leading SAP consulting house in the wider region. Workers' quality and expertize are regarded the greatest treasure and value, as well as b4b's comparative advantage over competition.

Our team is comprised of top experts who receive continual additional education.

We offer our employees outstanding conditions to advance and get improved through systematic education at our international SAP centres.

If you are ambitious, team work oriented, ready for continual learning and perfection, willing to travell outside your town of residence, b4b is the right company for you.

Our conditions are: high professional qualifications (economy, informatics, electrucal engineering, natural sciences), enterprenual spirit, possibility to make quick, independent decisions and active knowledge of English language.

Familiarity with business process and experience with SAP solutions implementation are plus.

This ad is permanently open for all quality candidates. Contact us!

Application with detailed CV with particularly marked data on informatics and business experience should be sent to office@b4b.rs or to our mailing address: 73 Bulevar AVNOJ-a St., 11070 Novi Beograd, Serbia with a notice "employment".

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