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b4b is SAP company's parter (www.sap.com) for Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Romania and Slovakia.

b4b works as a group through offices in Belgrade and Novi Sad (Serbia), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Zagrebu (Croatia). That gives it a flexible business approach, opportunities to get to know and understand the market in the wider region where it has worked successfully for more than a decade.

b4b is the leading SAP consulting house in the region with over 100 employed experts of which 70 are educated SAP consultants approved by over 60 successfully realized SAP system implementations: MK Commerce, Podravka, Apatinska Pivara, Zdravlje-Leskovac, Telekom Montenegro, TDR, Ministfy of finances of Montenegro, Pliva, INA, Cimos, Telekom Bosnia and Herzegovina...).

Today the firm b4b is clearly positioned in the market. It operaters the following main business:
- SAP licence distribution,
- consulting for SAP products implementation,
- education for SAP products' users,
- support for SAP products users and
- development of local SAP system version.

Our goal is to help our partners to implement the best world business practice in advanced informatic technology. By implementing SAP, they will improve business and business results and they will have better position in the regional and global markets.

We offer users complete implementation of business solutions, consulting services for each particular segment of their business. We resepct specific particular needs of each user.
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